Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The pupil becomes a teacher

I'm more than a little sad to see that the Co-Op bank has fallen into the hands of villainous American Hedge Funds.  I've had a smile.co.uk bank account for many years as I'm a firm supporter of the Co-Op's ethics. It was one place where I thought the banking community could prove you didn't need to be a bastard to make money.  The Bank's failure really stems from all the problems in the financial world caused by greedy, unethical bankers.  Although the Co-Op will continue to have a sizeable share of the bank, the presence of voracious, immoral American bankers cannot be a good thing, and I don't doubt a change in attitudes and ethics as well as investments being made in immoral, exploitative businesses.

On the up side, The Boy passed his BASI 1 course, so is qualified.  I suspect he will want to go on and through the system...that will be his choice entirely, as I have encouraged him thus far.  I'm delighted, he's always enjoyed his skiing, he has a natural bent for teaching so all is good.  In a couple of weeks he's off to Austria to do their equivalent...I hope he gets through that too...it's all in German, so good job he got that A Level then!

Last weekend was one of blissful domestic routine for The Cat's Mother and I.  We headed down to Brighton on Friday in time to enjoy our favourite meal of artisan cheeses, charcuterie and a couple of glasses of red wine at the French cheese shop round the corner from the flat.  It's simple and the most delicious meal we ever eat...a real treat for us.

We got a fabulous sculpture this weekend...it sounds ever so grand if I say we commissioned it, but the truth is the amazingly talented artist James Freddy Fenner under charges by a quite ridiculous amount and won't take any more so this didn't cost a lot.  Anyway, our Brighton angel gives out a fabulous calming feeling and we're delighted with him.

Brighton is stuffed to the gills with fabulously talented, creative folk so we think of ourselves as very lucky to be able to see so many beautiful pieces, especially during the artists openhouse month of May.  It's a shame they don't get more exposure elsewhere as they deserve much greater recognition than they get.

The Boy has headed off to the Brecon Beacons today, via Ludlow.  In Ludlow he's meeting up with Grandma in Wales and his Uncle for a spot of lunch.  The purpose of his journey is to help the School out for the Gold DofE expedition. So instead of yomping round in the wet, wind and cold, he'll be making sure that the precious darlings are all safe and not lost on the mountainside.  I think it's fantastic that he was asked, and that he wanted to do it.   He loves the outside, he loves helping organise and run events.  I wonder what he will end up doing after University..somehow I don't see him at a desk in the City.