Friday, 25 October 2013


I do miss some great photo opportunities.

Yesterday morning stopped outside our local pub was the biggest articulated truck I have ever seen.  It wasn't stopped in a straight line, it looked jack-knifed with its cab folded back almost onto the trailer.  Also parked was a police car.  Inside one police woman was writing notes.  The other policeman was wandering around outside.  There was no sign of the lorry driver.

One thing I know for certain was that the truck had not been speeding and had not had to brake sharply to end up in this position.  The reason I know this is that the only way to get to the pub is up a long, very narrow lane.  You have to drive very slowly even in a small car to navigate your way.  At best there is room for traffic in one direction as there are cars parked all along one side, and you take your life in your hands if you drive anything much bigger than a Ford Cortina.  My suspicion is that the driver had blindly followed his sat nav and taken a wrong turn.  There is nowhere to turn.  It will have to reverse down.  That may take all day, or perhaps longer as the lane is quite winding.  And steep (I know. - it nearly kills me when I cycle up it).

In truth he had done every well to get it up there at all.  But I do feel sorry for the owner of the Mini Convertible which was parked down the lane.  One side had been removed, leaving a jagged wreck and two wheels were spread liberally across the road.

It's always hard to engage brain when following a sat nav.

Last night I briefly attended the World Architecture House of the Year Awards.  Not surprisingly, it was won by a Swedish house which looked as though it had a concrete pyramid for a roof.  The room was full of achingly beautiful young things all claiming to be architects.  Some of them may even have been.  After a quick couple of glasses of champagne I hot-footed it back to our neck of the woods to see the second half of the amateur production of 'Playboy of the western world'.  It's certainly a good deal better now than when I studied it for 'O' level...I wonder how I would have felt then if I'd actually seen it performed.

Tonight I'll be dining at the National Theatre.  The Cat's Mother, sister and brother, and bessie will be there listening to an interview with the loveable Simon Russell-Beale, but I'll be missing that and arriving just in time for the food.  Once we've dined, The Cat's Mother will return home.  I will return to my office, climb into my halloween glow-in-the-dark skeleton outfit and then set off for a 100km fright night ride round the streets of London, hopefully returning by dawn.  I hope it isn't raining.  As I haven't cycled since I was knocked off, it may prove to be more than quite a challenge.

When I do get home, I hope I can have a sleep, as Saturday evening we're off to see The's a Wonderful Life