Monday 4 April 2016

No April fools

Just a short post.

The other night the following three things were done:

The Cat's Mother's Brother (UP) recited off-by heart the 430 or so lines of TS Elliot's Wasteland.  It takes about 35 minutes uninterrupted; it was performed beautifully

We listened to a new CD - the opera Duke D'Albe by Donizetti.  Donizetti never finished it, so the first two acts have been completed by The Cat's Mother's other brother

The Cat's Mother's sister and her husband (The Muffins) were getting drunk with a bishop.  I daren't say which one, but a real bishop he is nonetheless

This is quite a family, isn't it?

This weekend...April 2nd in fact, was my first birthday this year.  Like the Queen, this year I have two.  On Saturday I was 20,000 days old.  You may do the maths to work out just how old that is...but I can tell you 20,000 days and 20,000 nights sometimes feels a lot.  Fourteen of us went out first to a karaoke bar before heading on to a themed pop-up immersive dining experience.  The food was delicious.  The theme was '1980's Office Party.  We all had a jolly good time, but I have to add that I couldn't do any of the things I did at the '80's office parties I went to, because now I'm quite respectable....