Saturday 21 April 2012


We all know about the sock stealing fairy don't we?  We've all had our favourite pairs turned into unfavourable singles.  The sock fairy is an elusive little bugger and one of the bigger irritants in life.  Normally when the fairy has visited, after a couple of days I simply dispose of the remaining sock.  Unless it's one of my many black ones in which case it can stay because when the sock fairy visits again, it can once more become a pair.  It was unusual, therefore, that I've kept a single red, orange black and grey check sock (it's not as bas as it sounds) for several months, since it's partner did a runner.  And spookily it seems that I did the right thing.  Because as it turns out the sock fairy lives in France.  As I was packing to go home I suddenly found that I was holding the other sock.  Magic.  Still the Fairy was not to be seen, but at least I have the sock back and it has now been reunited with its other half.  Any suggestions that I just hadn't properly unpacked my bags last time we travelled are scurrilous and I will consult my lawyers if you dare to suggest it.

We've all returned back last Sunday, The Cat's Mother and The Cat Monday morning and The Boy in the afternoon.  It's nice to be re-united as a quartet.  Nobody in the house seemed to be able to stay awake for more than an hour or two at a time... a sign of good holidays and exhausting travel.

My journey took me from the (winter) Olympic town of Albertville through the beautiful gorges and valleys of France and onwards through the Olympic town of Stratford.  I stopped off for a coffee in Paris and whilst sitting outside a staggering British marathon runner complete with medal sat himself down.  An interesting co-incidence as I'd lent my flat to The Spanish Girl who was running in the Brighton marathon on Sunday.  We'll also be watching from various points along the route of the London Marathon tomorrow as we have a friend running.  Running is one sport I've never enjoyed, so 26 miles doesn't appeal at all, but that doesn't stop me being in awe of those that do.  If you would like to sponsor, feel free to click here - it's all in a very good and worthwhile cause.

In the meantime, I had a last minute invitation to a Warner Brothers event for Bloggers...essentially to show everyone how you can get their films on your computer, tablet, phone, X Box, PS3, etc, etc.  I was in a room full of women and screaming children (I'd forgotten it was a parent blogging thing, and mothers make the best parents).  All very clever.  Anyway it was quite useful if nothing else to realise that the days of having cupboards stuffed full of DVDs are coming to an end.  I'll mourn the passing of having a box full of printed stuff to look at, but there's no doubting that having instant access to pretty much any movie you want at any time is a useful thing.  My parting gift was a bag full of goodies, including a Dobby soft toy.  And of course we all know how important socks are to Dobby the elf don't we?