Monday 22 September 2014

Lack of Vision

I'm slightly irritated by a couple of things.  Actually most of my friends would tell you that I'm slightly irritated by most things.  In this particular case, I started to write a post, and it didn't save.  To anyone who dares to suggest that it was my fault, I say harrumph.

Anyhoos, I forgot that last week we went to see Streetcar named Desire live stream.  John at Going Gently reviewed it so well here that I won't repeat his words.  I wasn't so keen on Stanley, as he didn't quite manage the primitive animal that I remember characterised him from the days when I studied it for 'A' level.  Stella was terrific...sassy and smart and believable.  Blanche (Gillian Anderson) just got better and better, the more demented she became...the final scenes were just mind-blowing.  I didn't really like the set which failed to convey the hot, steamy, sultry atmosphere of the American South that adds to the play immeasurably.  But overall stunning.

What really interested me was that we had to 'make do' with pretty poor seats...our noses six inches from the screen because the cinema was full...It was showing over two screens and both were packed.  We hadn't even been able to get into our preferred Picturehouse because that was completely sold out.  The tickets were two and a half times the price of the normal mid-week cinema ticket price.  So the economics look outstanding.  Curiously in Exeter, The Cat was able just to waltz along and walk perhaps culture hasn't quite reached the south-west yet.

I also forgot that I stayed up to see the results of the Referendum trickle in...I grabbed a couple of hours kip when it was all quiet and Huw, but essentially I saw the secessionists seen off. I'm actually quite angry about the whole Scottish referendum thing.  In posts past I've blithely stated that I hope they push off...really that's only because I can't bear that support 'Anyone Other than England' thing...even Scots living in this green and pleasant isle. But what has got my goat is that for months I've been saying that the wrong question is being asked of the wrong people....and I am being totally proved correct.  So let's forget that even now the pro-independents are asking 'How long before we can have another referendum?' - don't they get the vote has been taken and they agreed to abide by the decision, or do they think the Scots should keep voting until they get the answer right?  No, what's done it for me, is that Middle-Manager Camoron and his fellow Etonians alongside Nick Claggy and Ed Millerband now say we have to look at the rights of English voters, with some form of English devolution.  WE haven't been asked about that.  In effect it's the classic West Lothian question...the Scots have voted on something that the English should have no say in.  So the right question should have been "Would you like to see a devolved government with parliaments for England, Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland with a federal UK Government at Westminster?' because that is what is happening now is some botched/cobbled together form now.  That question should be asked of every British citizen...and not like the Scots referendum where anyone who'd lived there for more than five minutes could have a say (yes if McFred had gone up to Edinburgh a fortnight before he could have voted).  Anyway, another stitch up concocted by political pygmies who are interested only in their own careers rather than doing the right thing.  It's another example of politicos having No Vision.  I'm so angry.

Talking of no vision, this is what I could seee on Friday night

(ignore the slightly light target pattern you can's the nearest thing to pitch black I have)
I agreed to go night cycling through the forest on a bike that is not a mountain bike, with tyres that are not meant for muddy paths and candles for lights.  I'm amazed I'm still here to tell the tale.  In the distance we did see a couple of antlered Stags...never seen them before in real life.  Magnificent. Truly magnificent, and truly the antlers looked better on their heads than any wall I know of...