Sunday 4 January 2015

The unexpected virtue of ignorance*

Happy New Year everyone.

Having totted up our list of 'stuff wot we dun', we realised that we'd missed a few...and that may suggest we do too much, but we can resist everything except temptation.  In Brighton for the new year, we went to a performance of One Man Two Guvnors...we'd seen this twice before, but the Muffins hadn't.  It was a treat for them and indeed for us as it still makes us laugh as much as it did the first time we saw it.  New Year's Eve saw us at a concert of Viennese music by the Brighton Philharmonic Orchestra, which was a nod to our last new year spent in was very civilised and absolutely delightful, although in an auditorium of several hundred, we did lower the average age by half!  Fireworks were lit on the beach and we danced the New Year in...lovely.

January is always a busy month for films, and the first one we've seen is Birdman...which is an astounding and outstanding film about a fading actor who's determination to put on his own play is completely undermining his self-belief.  It is comic, dramatic and sad in turns, and there's not a single actor that doesn't excel...its very quirky, you won't have seen anything like it before nor will you again...

I've got back on my cycle properly came down with us to Brighton, so I was able to do two rides up to the Downs.  I'd done one ride at the road track at the Olympic Velodrome before Christmas and another the fitness levels are once more on the rise.

The Boy has been in Kitzbuhel again, teaching now that the snow has arrived.  He's no doubt had a great time again, but communications are not what they could or should be as his phone is also not quite what it should be.  Sigh.  anyway, I am off to see him later this week for a few days

Also sigh...I've decided to get a new car.  Very exciting.  I've surprised myself by going for another Jeep...I've never bought the same car before, but I love the one I've got, and am only replacing it because I feel I should before it gets too's a first world thing isn't it?  Anyway, amazingly I have to wait almost nine months for it to arrive...they make them to order, and don't make them all the time.  It will truly be my new baby.

* that's the alternative title for Birdman