Monday 26 May 2008

Porn again

My older brother was always a great source of naked women from an early edge. Perhaps his over eager interest of members of the opposite sex accounts for him having some six or seven the last count. No doubt his offerings has encouraged my own healthy appetite for the fairer sex. I remember both magazines and even some Polaroid pictures...the magazines being of the 'tits and fanny' variety, whilst the photographs were somewhat more graphic, and a good substitute for sex education in class. My interest in sex stimulated at a young age has stayed with me throughout my life...and I've had a healthy number of girlfriends...or at least bed fellows. I have to say though that sometimes, celluloid girls are a lot easier than flesh and blood.

One day arriving home from school, I was seated in the living room, and to my horror, laying on top of the magazine rack were my brother's and my girlie mags...if I remember rightly, the Polaroids weren't there (thank heavens)...a somewhat stilted and embarrassed conversation with our mother followed...but I can't for the life of me remember what was covered. Clearly it didn't have the impact it should have done, as I've been reaching for the top shelf ever since...well not for a while, but the principle is still there.

I've been quite liberal and trusting in allowing the boy free-reign on his laptop...on the odd occasion I've checked there's been nothing untoward - until this weekend. A check onto some of the web sites revealed some pretty naked women...if I'd lingered longer I may have seen to what extent they were showing off their bodies, and to what extent they were enjoying themselves. Impressively enough for a boy that's top of class in English, he'd returned several times to a web site called Literotica...not sure that it's up to the boys standard of writing...but it was pleasing to see that words rather than pictures seemed to be the destination of choice.

The much planned conversation with the boy about the luscious ladies took a more rambling approach than expected...and I'm glad to say both of us kept our heads well down and eyes averted. But I'd like to think that the point was firmly made - nudity is banned when you're thirteen because it is much more corrupting than when you're seventeen years and three hundred and sixty six years. So the short and short of it is that there's nothing wrong with porn...ranging from bikini-clad girls on the covers of boys mags to page three girls, all the way through to full on sex in magazines and probably more importantly easily viewed on the interweb. BUT...anything that involves violence or degradation is wrong. Full stop. Women are humans...and the celluloid sex you see is fantasy performed by actresses - on screen they are always 'up for it'...but see them on the street and they are humans again with mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters they have good days and bad days and they deserve as much respect as anyone and everyone else. Look, when you're older, but not too often and keep your mind on the more important things in life.

With parental controls in place, the computer is returned tomorrow.