Tuesday 9 May 2023


 Ah..there are suddenly three new posts on my blog...but only because I saw them as drafts after a break of four years.  I can't think why I didn't publich them...and it was interesting to read what I was thinking four years ago.  A different world.  I can't believe how different.  My world hasn't changed as much as the rest of the world I think...aren't I fortunate?

Anyway just to remind myself what I've been up to.  I started working again...but only because the Census didn't want volunteers, so I becane a team leader for our local area for five months.  I had ten people in my team, and despite the challenges of most contact being on Zoom, we all bonded as a team (or at least I think we did).  I've never worked in such a hierarchical organisation as the ONS...there were nine levels of management above me...that blows my mind!  The whole set up was highly systemised and rigorous in planning and implementation...again something totally new to me.  I had a ball, in fact the best job I ever had...perhaps because it was for a limited period and there were no consequences if I screwed up...although I didn't.  And the best thing is I ended up with a civil service pension...a pot of a whole £1000...of course my financial adviser told me to move it to my other pension...but hell, I'm so excited by having a civil service pension, that's never going to happen...even if it pays just £1 per year...when I hit 67.

More to come I think....