Friday 19 September 2014

How time flies when you're enjoying yourself

I've been gently scolded by one or two folk as my rate of post posting has fallen dramatically.  I suspect that one or two others may be grateful at my lack of productivity, and the rest give don't give a hoot.

The week before last was the last 'supermoon' of the year...that's when its a bit closer to the horizon so looks ginormous.  I practiced my photographic technique (put the light meter on centre spot, or stop-down - in this case by a massive five stops).  I'm supposed to be doing a photographic course, but of the twelve modules, I've completed just two, so David Bailey has nothing to worry about yet. Anyway, these were the two pics, taken a couple of hours apart

I also re-edited one of my Angel of the North pictures so that it actually looks as I want it to

We went to a friend's 50th last weekend, and in true Essex fashion it was elaborate...a fabulous quartet played on the balcony whilst we supped champagne and then moved into a giant marquee where we were entertained by a Beatles tribute band.  I was amazed at how many of their hits you can dance to.  It was fancy dress, with a 1960's theme, so of course, The Cat's Mother went to town and I did what I could

It was a memorable party, most enjoyable, but a terrible mistake to decide to walk home when the local council has decided that to save money it's OK to switch off the street lights....

I don't remember doing anything else this week, and as there's nothing in the diary I can only assume we had a quiet few days at home in the evening.  That seems most unlikely, especially as I know we missed The Great British Bake Off.  Of course, from a work point of view, it's been busy because it's The London Design Festival, so I went to various events that have been more or less inspiring.  A discussion about designer makers, a discussion about co-creation and co-design, and a reception for an exhibition for new designers.  No wonder I remain tired and exhausted...