Monday 9 February 2009

Suitably rewarded/nothing like a bit of crumpet

I've won an award and I'm very pleased.

I have to say I can't post it here, and nor was it quite given directly.
But an award is an award. I'm sure.

At school, the muggles chatted amongst themselves and the important quote is "Well Charlie, apart from The Boy's Dad you've got the coolest mum."

Now I'm think that means that I'm cool. That's cool. But it also makes me a mum. So not sure if I should start wearing a frock?

Unfortunately the boy doesn't exactly know how I'm a cool Mum. But he's happy that I am. And me too.

And on a different note altogether:

"The Boy, where are the crumpets I bought"

"I've eaten them"

"But you don't like them, you said so. I bought them for me"

"I know I don't like them. I was hungry.

"But if you don't like them why didn't you eat the fruit, the cheese or the biscuits in the fridge. Or have toast."

"I was hungry"

I'll just go an chew my arm off then.

And then there's:

"Can you turn the music down, I can't hear myself think."

"But I can barely hear it"

"But Dad, you're disturbing the neighbours"

"Oh right, sorry. Oops."

Sunday 8 February 2009

Crash bang wallop

We were woken up at eight minutes past six on Friday by an enormous thunder clap. The house shook and from down the corridor I heard a slightly shaky and questioning voice, "What's happening Dad?" In proper parental fashion I said in 'I am master of the situation' tone, "Don't worry, it's just thunder." I said this looking out of the window as it snowed heavily. In truth I've never experienced a snow thunderstorm. It was very exciting, and it set me thinking about how as we get older we get fewer and fewer new experiences, and how lucky the young are because there is so much that is new and exciting for them. And often as you get older, new experiences are not to be welcomed either because they are bad, or because they are not welcome and challenge our life view. So I'm very pleased to have been woken up at 6.08 on Friday and look forward to my next exciting new thing; meanwhile the boy will continue to take these things in his stride.