Monday 18 August 2014

Viva Espana

I have a couple of projects going on at the moment...neither quite have the momentum they ought.

So firstly, I started another blog.  It's just photographs of launderettes.  Why would I do that?  Well, I suspect that they will all disappear, and that will be a shame.  They are great meeting places, and part of the traditional high street...well at least a side street off it.  But fewer and fewer homes are without laundry facilities now, so they are in decline.  It's a shame, as there's something quite romantic about being in a launderette on a dark and wintry evening.  I'd like to do this project seriously...a photo outside, a picture inside and a few lines from someone using it...but a lack of bravado on my part, some uncomfortableness from owners and not being focused has got this one stalling in the starting blocks.  Anyway, if you happen to be passing a launderette and want to send me a picture I'd be delighted...ask your friends and relatives too.  I'll credit you.  Please make sure you say where it is.  Here's the link

My other project is putting all my CDs onto a hard drive.  This particular one has wifi built in so I can then play it through pretty much whatever I want wherever I want.  It's a labour of love, and not quite completed...probably about 85% there.  That's a lot of CDs...several thousand.  It's sort of worked...some CDs are beyond their sell by date, some CDs don't have album artwork on line, and it appears that in the course of history some of my favourites have become the disappeared. The Cat's Mother has put up with me sitting watching TV with her whilst at the same time I slip yet another CD in the computer.  It's been going on for weeks.  Her patience might be wearing thin which is a shame because I wasn't quite sure how big the files were going to be so I recorded them in 320kps MP3 format.  That's not quite as good as it should be, but good enough for general listening.  Now I'm nearly at the end I can see I probably could have used a 'Lossless' format so want to start all over again.  Our relationship may not survive that, so I may have to sneak off for long weekends by myself...

Talking of which, The Cat's Mother has gone to Spain with The Muffins and UP for a short week.  I headed down to Brighton for a couple of days of RnR...I've had a lovely time, but as it's Monday I've been working which is a shame really.  It does help me be distracted from the return of The Prodigal Son tomorrow...that is a very exciting prospect!