Wednesday 9 August 2017

On your bike (again)

I enjoy a good cycle may know that already.  Last year my 'major' rides were London Revolutions (200 miles in two days circling London), London to Amsterdam and the classic Exeter to Essex... The first tow were organised events, but the latter was just me and my bike, a ruck sack and Google Maps braving 240 miles...I loved this ride as it gave me a real sense of satisfaction.  This year I toyed with the idea of Lands End to John O'Groats, but in February disaster struck.  Excruciating pain in my left hip/pelvis down to my knee....I could barely walk.  I have spent many hours with doctors, physios, osteopaths, in scanning machines and with sports masseurs without being given a definitive answer...or indeed cure.  I'm currently with a cycling specialist and whilst I can still feel pain, I'm a lot better.  Better enough that in June I did a 100km night ride around London.  I love night cycling, especially through cities...the sights and sounds are certainly realise that London never sleeps.

And then last week, I rode the Prudential London 100.  That's 100  miles.  In the past I may have worried about my rate of progress, but this time I was more concerned about finishing.  Even though it started from the Olympic Park, which is within spitting distance of home, a requirement to be there 2 hours before departure time meant that I was up at 4.00 am and in the starting gate at 5.30....bloody hell I was tired before I'd turned a pedal!  Anyway, a few aches and pains in the first 26 miles disappeared and my confidence grew even when tackling the extremely challenging Leith Hill and less challenging but infamous Box Hill...after that it was all down hill (well nearly...bloody Wimbledon!).  I finished, got an enormous medal and am very pleased.  The aches are still with me, but my confidence has returned.