Wednesday 7 May 2008

The boys watch the girls watch the boys watch the girls

Have you ever seen that of Hugh Grant's I think, but don't quote me....where he borrowed a child to attract the attention of the opposite sex? It's true that it always pays dividends to have a child in tow...I remember well that taking the boy to the park meant I could always strike up a conversation with someone I would like to be the target of my affections. Same principle as owning a dog I think. Trouble was I think they always thought of me more as a parent material more than hot lover.

That was then and this is now. But now the boy can look me in the eye, it's all a bit different Walking down the street, or driving along with the roof down, definitely still draws the attention of the opposite sex. May be it's me, but just the same as policemen look younger now, so too do the women. But of course it has slowly dawned on me that now they're just as likely to be looking at him as they are me. Truth be known, they seem to be paying closer attention to him than me..perhaps they'll have an older sister for me?

Monday 5 May 2008

Out on the town/home alone

Wow what a bank holiday. Dinner with friends on Friday, cinema to see the excellent Ironman movie and then back to a mates place on Saturday, quiet day in the garden Sunday to recover...and today an all day party starting at 11 in the morning. Woah..not bad at all. That was the boy's itinerary...mine was to act as banker and taxi driver. It's a lesson in life, that your kids grow up sooner than you think...often leaving you in the lurch having built your life around them. My challenge is to find my feet as an independent adult again...and find my friends just as I did when I divorced. Onwards and upwards!