Sunday 4 April 2010

Nearly there

School broke up on Thursday...the boy had been away for a two day Geography filed trip. Well I assume it was Geography, because he came back with a 'Work Bookelet'...I've put a big green ring round the offending 'e'. I hope that doesn't lose him any marks...we hurtled down to Brighton to see a performance of the History Boys'...a fine performance, a modest production and we could happily say all the lines for the actors as we've watched the film so may times...

And now we're back. The boy is packed for Russia...well "apart from jeans, T-shirts and pants" he says. So I'm guessing that's a completely empty suitcase then. And he is also packed for adventurous training. I guess apart from "jeans, T-shirts and pants".

We have our visas. Hurrah! We're spending a few days in Moscow, a sleeper train will then take us to St Petersburg...and it's all very exciting for us. There are 14 in the party. And that will be interesting as neither the boy nor I normally travel in a group larger than two. As we're intolerant beasts, we will have to be on our best behaviour.

When we fly in next Monday, we arrive at Heathrow at 5.30 and have just two hours to get to Euston for him to take a train up to Windermere where a school master will hopefully collect him and drive the 20 minutes to Coniston. With a prevailing wind I think it will work. That is my optimistic side...because the alternative is to drive him overnight. And I really don't want that.

So assuming I shan't be near a computer for the next week, I will say "До свиданья. Держите безопасную"