Friday 3 August 2012

Picture daily 75

Even in the back streets of Fish Island, there is a swelling of national pride...

Thursday 2 August 2012

Picture daily 74

This happy couple are about 12 inches tall, and obviously enjoying their view of the Olympic Park.  FYI the pile of blue containers is the BBC Studio, so perhaps they are celeb spotting

Wednesday 1 August 2012

Picture Daily 73

We've all had our picture taken in a photobooth haven't we...and sometimes when we're a drunk teenager there'll be a dozen of us trying to cram in.  Well this was taken just a couple of weeks ago, and to my eye captures a whole heap of emotion and feeling...

....and then there were five

He's a perceptive man John at Going Gently is  is....bang, I'm back down with a crash this morning.  Thank heavens someone posted in our private Facebook group the soundtrack with the instructions that we were given in our hidden earphones during the ceremony...oops were you just thinking it was impressive that we could do all our choreography in sync??!!

After yesterday's marathon photo post, I thought that I should lay off the pics for a day, but expect the Photo Daily to return very shortly.

No wonder I pummelled the pedals cycling to work.That may be the first time in four months I've managed to do the being the main reason I've not been attempting to equal Wiggo recently.

So it's all back to normal at home really...but not really at all.

This weekend we're off to Edinburgh Fringe to see The Kat and The Boy in That's Face.  If you're free, pop along and see it...especially as they've got to fill a theatre that's 75% bigger than the one they originally booked.  The link is here I may have mentioned it before, and I may well mention it again....that's parental loyalty for you!

Our household has changed by 25%.

Last summer I gave one of our family friends a week or so of 'work experience' which helped him get his 2.1 in media and film studies.  We'll call him Joe90.   I felt as though I'd done a good thing, so when the film location business that shares my office mentioned they needed a new person, I put his name forward.  He came down, had an interview, had a couple of weeks on trial and then was offered the job.  We're's not easy for anyone to get a job at the moment, and he landed what is his dream job.  The only thing is, his family live in Northamptonshire, so he needs somewhere to stay.  Ours is the obvious place, and he has taken up residence for the forseeable - once he has found his feet, I don't doubt he will look for somewhere a bit more rock and roll, but for now we are five.

Tuesday 31 July 2012

The Olympic Marathon Post

This may well be enough to crash "The Google"...I decided to upload my pictorial Olympic Story...the images are in no particular order...but there are 310 of please browse and enjoy

I thought I would put all my Olympic pictures in one place...peruse at your leisure....