Tuesday 5 August 2014

Nothing doing

Some people ( I won't name names, but you know who you are) have suggested on more than one occasion that The Cat's Mother and I don't sit still for more than a moment.  It's not true.  Really.  We absolutely love sitting down on the sofa with a mug of coffee and watching TV.  Naturally, we rarely, if ever, watch a 'live broadcast'.  We are utterly dependent on iplayer and other catch up services.

At the moment we are thoroughly enjoying the twists and turns of The Honourable Woman which is a classic piece of drama that has arrived at an uncanny moment in history. Deal upon deal upon deal has been made by the protagonists, and we're only on episode 5.  Of course, we're thoroughly confused.  suspect that some of the baddies might be goodies and vice versa, or in the interest of political correctness, they'll all turn out to be baddies.  There are some truly outstanding performances.  If you haven't seen it so far, do have a look...a drama set about Middle Eastern politics, Israelis, Palestinians, Jews, Muslims and trying to do the right thing.  Or not.

Utopia over on Channel 4 is another kettle of fish.  A quite mad sci-fi story (actually we're on series 2, and we missed series 1) that is shot in super-saturated colours.  The story is about an organisation that would like to reduce the human population to manageable levels and the mad scientist that created it.  It's nonsense but very enjoyable nonsense and has us hooked.  It's quite (very) violent.

The secret History of our streets, which is a little gem of a social history to be found on BBC 4 I think.  the first series focused on London, this second series looks at Scottish cities...Edinburgh and Glasgow so far with Aberdeen to follow next week.  The concept is a simple one...look at the history of a street and the people that live or have lived in it.  Brilliant.  Fascinating.