Thursday 15 May 2014

Monday 12 May 2014

Happy Birthday Grandma in Cyprus

It's my mum's birthday today.  She'll be 21 I hear.  I'm very happy that my brother is over there to help her celebrate it.  I rang her on Skype, but it's not quite the same thing...still better than nothing.  I'm not going to mention her birthday card, but remain confident it may yet arrive.

We were supposed to go to an immersive theatre experience last Thursday called Venice Preserved, but the reviews have been dreadful and the weather was dreary (there was a long promenade to face plus a boat ride on the Thames) so we ducked out.  Money straight down the drain.  Heartbreaking really, but it was probably the right decision.

More money down the drain is Robbie Williams.  I had tickets for Robbie once before, but because it clashed with parents evening at School, I couldn't go.  I gave the tickets away.  This time, I've managed to double book myself - Robbie on the same night as I'm doing the Night Ride to Brighton.  I'm all for going to the concert and then heading to the South Coast, but The Cat's Mother thinks that's ridiculous.  As I've got sponsorship, I'm obliged to pedal through the darkness, so that'll mean no Robbie for me.  Sigh.

We went down to Brighton for the weekend - it's Artists Open House month throughout May, and always the opportunity to see some amazing creativity and remarkable talent.  Occasionally a purchase is made.  It was this time

All was not plain sailing though, last time we were there, we re-potted a couple of plants.  Unbeknownst to us, there must have been a nest? hatchery? of fruit flies in the soil we'd bought from the local garden centre. Our back room was filled with dead and dying black midges.  Hundreds, nay thousands of them.  Enough to turn your stomach.  We spent most of the weekend hoovering and spraying the room with fly killer.  The Cat's Mother says I'm not to mention it.  So I won't.  I should throw the plants out, but I am really attached to them...I've grown many from seed (including a Bird of Paradise plant that has been known to flower) so just can't...but I may destroy the atmosphere trying to eliminate the problem.

Apart from that we went to see Frank, the film sort of but not really based on cult character Frank Sidebottom.  Much as I would love to say it's good.  It isn't.  Actually really not very good at all.

This time next week, The Boy will be back for a short time.  I'm very happy at the prospect.