Wednesday 31 March 2010

Outside my front door: The Gallery

As I get older I get an increasingly morbid fear that technology will overwhelm in doing this post for StickyFingers, I am completely confident that I will create more black holes than the Hadron Collider, and the world will end before the start of Doctor Who...

...anyway here are two views from outside my front door - one from Brighton during the snow, and the other from beautiful Epping Forest. Having two front doors is a good thing methinks....

Tuesday 30 March 2010

One lump or two?

With our trip to Moscow just a matter of days away, the bombings on the metro there have an increased poignancy. 38 people dead on their way to work is a terrible thing where ever - much sympathy to their friends and families. However, as this sort of thing can happen anywhere these days, our plans remain resolute.

A couple of weeks ago I was out clothes shopping as stocks of shirts without frayed cuffs and collars was wearing low. For the first time Zara Men came to my rescue and I picked up some nice stuff. Of course, as a Spanish retailer, their clothes are cut more for the smaller mediteranean frame, rather than my northern european shape. It couldn't possibly be that I have put on any pounds in recent months.

I also got a rather splendid T-shirt that had both collar and cuffs in 'normal' shirt cotton. The thing is when I popped it on at home, it was painful. No I hadn't left a tag in it. Or a pin. I discovered I had a painful swelling (perhaps even a lump) on my chest. It was very tender indeed. And I didn't hesitate to get down to the doctor as soon as possible...confounding the statistic that men tend to leave these things for far too long.

He pushed and prodded and decided he would refer me to the local hospital within what seems to be called the two week rule. A biopsy for me. A man with a morbid fear of needles.

The consultant didn't spend much time with me...he too pushed, prodded and made me wince....just some tissue growth he said. Actually he said breast tissue growth and this will settle down within weeks. That doesn't mean I'm growing a splendid pair of moobs. Nothing to worry about and quite common. The relief was palpable.

I have to go back in eight weeks just to be certain sure.

But it has been a tense couple of weeks...and the positive out of it (apart, obviously from the positive result) is that I recognise I'm at 'that age' when I need to be aware of my health more than before...but not to panic.

So I will quietly forget all those aches and pains from an hour of playing five a side soccer at the weekend....