Wednesday 3 September 2014

A little lost

I've added another photo to my launderette blog, which for me at least is quite exciting.  You can see it here.  And don't forget if you want to contribute, just email the picture with location to me at

This post I've just spotted is number 1234.  I rather like that.  I like numbers which are fun.  The Cat's Mother is feintly amused when I'm driving and the odometer turns to 12345, or 15551 or some such number and I get very excited.  Little things.

It's a good job I have another blog to play with because I've started avoiding the newspapers.  Isn't the news just so depressing?  You've got hundreds of girls being abused in Rotherham because the people who were supposed to be protecting them couldn't face facts.  In Ukraine, Russia is making its presence felt more and more.  Western Europe and America are effectively standing by and letting it happen.  Mark my words when Putin gets away with it there, he will find a new playground for his thugs.  In Iraq, we're also standing by whilst the mess we created is going from bad to worse.  And in my favourite area, Palestine, Israel has made yet another land grab.  I posted the BBC news article on Facebook, and that attracted the anti-semites, which makes me very sad...I abhor anti-semitism as much as any 'ism'.  I believe that Israel as a country behaves atrociously and is run by vile politicians, but where they worship is of no interest to me at all.  Here I see we are sleep-walking into an independent Scotland...if that does happen I can only hope it causes some real soul-searching about the future of the UK, but with our muddle-headed, middle-management politicians, I doubt it will.

We hoped off down to Brighton with the small Muffins and UP this weekend (sorry Laura, not a good time to catch up).  On the way down, we stopped off at Tulley's Farm which has a long-established maize maze which I used to take The Boy to when he was younger.  I have a sneaking suspicion that I always enjoyed it more than him, but if I vocalise that it just leaves me open to all sorts of ridicule such is family life.  This year with our hot and wet summer, the maize has grown fantastically well, easily reaching six foot it was particularly enticing and perhaps a little daunting.  Off we strode, quickly getting as lost as lost can be, but enjoying the exploration and trying to avoid slipping over in the mud which had been made worse by the morning's torrential downpour.  The Boy and I have done it in just under 45 minutes, but it was not to be this time because UP pulled out a map to guide us round.  For me and The Boy this was quite bizarre as everyone had been enjoying themselves as it was, but UP is a law unto himself and it did give the mini-muffins the opportunity to march round to each of the stamps that had been hidden along the secret paths.  Either way, they enjoyed it, and that is what counts.

We all went to see Annie Get Your Gun which is a fine, old musical.  Not quite my cup of tea, but there was no doubting it was well performed and well produced.  On Saturday we had planned to go on the pier, as the mini-muffins have never experienced that particular seaside delight.  However, the beach itself held plenty of attractions by itself, and by he time we'd gone up and round the Brighton wheel, there was no time for the pier itself.  Shame I was quite looking forward to it.