Wednesday 12 March 2014


I wouldn't wish death on anyone, but there is a lot of b*ll*cks being talked about Mr Crowe. Why is he being praised by all and sundry for his union activities?  He may have kept his (few) union members in high-paid employment, but at what cost to millions of others? For years he has put commuters through hell by bringing the Underground to a shuddering halt at every opportunity, and holding it back from the modernisation it so desperately needs...two of the lines could operate without drivers already if the union was not preventing it.  It would be quicker, safer, more efficient and cheaper if Mr Crowe and his fellow luddites hadn't been keeping us in the dark ages.


Here are some pictures taken by the professional photographer Bonnie Lane ( as we hurtled down the track at 130kmh.  There may be more to be written...why should you avoid being bored by my enthusiasm when all around me have had to suffer?  By the way I'm the one in the luminous green jacket, third from the front.  No my eyes aren't shut; I was just blinking