Thursday 6 February 2014


It's catch up time again...yes, we've been away for a few days so I'll have to set aside some time to plough through my favourite reads...

We were back in Austria, just checking that The Boy was eating his greens and washing his underpants.  We suspect he was doing neither, but seems very happy indeed.  He took two of us out on the slopes mixing some guiding with some skiing instruction...and I have to say on both counts he was very good indeed.  We introduced our two friends to the delights of the Hotel Erica where we have affectionate names for most of the staff.  In charge is Frau Frau, her husband is Herr Frau Frau, their daughter who will soon be taking over is Mini Frau and her husband Herr Mini Frau.  Imaginative aren't we?  The lady who cooks the eggs in the morning is Frau Fried Egg.  May be we should have a re-think.

This was the view across the slopes...the falling snow has been added by Google 'because they can'.  At some stage they'll probably make another one of their videos as they did with our last's a thing called 'Auto-awesome'.

Another technology company that's been messing around is Facebook.  In our absence, Facebook seems to have marking its tenth anniversary, and they celebrated by creating a film of highlights from all our posts. What it proves is that over the last decade my life has revolved entirely around The Boy...that is the sum total of it.  With one features a picture of Auntie Gwen, but not one of The Cat's Mother.  I feel I may be in trouble for that one.