Tuesday 24 May 2016

Bike ride

In preparation for a cycle ride to Amsterdam, after my ride to Paris last year, I went on a long ride.  It's called London Revolutions, and is literally that... a ride around London.  200 miles in two days with a night spent in a tent at Ascot Racecourse.

I wasn't particularly fit after a week in Shanghai and not doing as much cycling as I ought before that...but hey ho, it made for a better challenge.  I discovered that Surrey has many hills, some of them steep, but it also has some very pretty villages.  The latter was nice, the former were a real challenge...for the first time ever I actually got off and pushed for a hundred yards.  That depressed me until the next day when I saw many people get off and push up most of the hills, whilst I stayed on.

I didn't enjoy the first day all that much, but loved the second, and certainly came into my own when finishing through the London traffic.

I also discovered my sports tracker doesn't work with my new phone which was disappointing as I like to record these things.

Not many photos either