Tuesday 31 March 2015

The text conversation and following phone call

As I travel fast along a very twisty mountain road.

Me: "Just in taxi...giving lift to a couple to Les Saisses...see you soon"

Graeme: "I hope you are joking as we don't fly until tomorrow"

Me:  "OMG...No..I'm literally going to be there in half an hour....do you have Mark and Michelle's number?"

Graeme: " :-) OMG I will find it and send it now" 

(Sends vCard)

Me: "Can't download it..can you send number by text"

Feeling a bit travel sick by now.  Number arrives.

Me: "Hello Michelle, it's Nick"

Michelle: "Oh hi Nick, how are you?"

Me:  "I'm fine, erm, but I have a bit of a shock for you....I'm fifteen minutes away...have you got a room available.......?"

Well, it can only get better from there....