Monday 15 June 2015

Post Modern music tastes

This post has been sitting around for was going to be much longer...but who ever said 'bigger is better?'

Three more launderettes have gone up...I'm still not sure that I've found my way with it yet, so any guidance appreciated here

I've been lucky this year with music.  First of all I discovered Robert Plant.  Or perhaps I should say rediscovered.  I picked up a copy of his most recent album and have hardly stopped listening to it.  I've enjoyed it so much that I've gone out and bought a whole stack of others, and I've enjoyed each and every one from start to finish.  Of course, I've known of Robert Plant for many days were spent listening to Led Zep blast out down the dorm...but perhaps like whisky it was a taste that I only picked up when I'd matured a bit.

The other amazing discovery is Post Modern Juke Box - essentially they put modern songs into a time machine.  I've been so over excited by their stuff that we've bought tickets for their next show in Engerland - even though that's not until March next year.  Enjoy this:

There's many more videos to see and please do, and if you want to join us next year, let me know!

We went to see Sting and Paul Simon at the O2 in April.  Not two concerts, but one as they shared the stage together.  It's an odd combination, but one that works very well indeed.  they mostly sang separately, but occasionally sang together.  In a case of romantic symmetry, The Cat's Mother had seen Paul Simon, and I had seen Sting before, so it was great fun to be seeing them both together together.  Naturally, it was a bit of a greatest hits show, and none the worse for that.  Luckily we were quite close...well Paul Simon is very short, and Sting's face was largely covered by a very bushy beard.  We came away having enjoyed three hours of great music performed by two terrific musical stars supported by a large fact two of them.  But, much as I enjoyed it, there was something that didn't quite seem right...I can't quite put my finger on it, but it was definitely an oddity, irrespective of how enjoyable.