Friday 3 October 2014

Completely naked

I noticed the other day that any time I mention something in a post or in its headline that is even remotely sex related, my viewing figures go up immeasurably.  I actually can't think why...after all if you're searching for porn on the internet, there's so much around that it's hard to avoid....I started this paragraph a week ago and have struggled to remember why I started was of course to ask you a simple question.  How many naked selfies do you have, stored on your phone or up in the cloud?  1,10, 100, 1000?  No, I expect like me it's a big fat ZERO.  What is it with 'celebrities' that they take these it simply a case of narcissism extremis?  After all that is what drives many celebrities to pursue fame, regardless of talent.  Anyway, it seems a bit daft to me and I can't see the sense in it at all.

Anyway, I meant to write about the collapse of Phones4U only because it demonstrates how little we have learnt since the financial collapse of 2008.  Here venture capitalists have taken a profitable business and killed it.  They helped themselves to a £200 million bonus last year by taking out a £200 million loan.  Lo and behold the business became unsustainable when they couldn't negotiate with the networks.  So my heart goes out to the people who paid deposits and won't get them back and more importantly the staff who are currently sitting at home wondering how they're going to pay the mortgage...

I dipped my toes in the corporate world a year ago by taking on a very corporate client.  To start with it gave me sleepless nights, then it just started to make my blood boil...and now I'm glad to say they've gone.  I'm really so will make me a much better person to be around.

Summer is definitely turning to autumn...two punctures in two weeks...a sure sign that bits of tree are dropping all over the road and embedding themselves in my cycle.

Remarkably we went to just one party last weekend...I think our social life is slipping...but we did manage to dance until 3.30 am, so I guess there's still some fighting spirit in us!

This week we haven't been out at far.  Thank heavens for the Great British Bake Off.  Only in Britain could this show possibly exist, and how sad it is when one of these talent people has to leave each week...looking forward to the final next week...except we won't see it because we're off to see Grandma in Cyprus...some late autumn sunshine and warmth.  It will be lovely to see her and Grandpa in Cyprus too.

McFred is slowly settling into his new life...I remember my first term at University being so tricky after a year in Germany, and I think he is finding it a small shock to the system too.  Funnily enough I'm more conscious of his absence now than I was when he was in Austria.  Perhaps it is really just me that's not yet adjusted to his new life....