Wednesday 29 April 2009


Disaster looms as the boy's fourteenth birthday is on Friday. I'm delighted it's one step closer to him no longer being a teenager (yes I know there's plenty of years left to fill yet)...but I have no idea whatsoever, at all, in any way, shape or form of what to get him by way of a birthday present. My levels of despair are sent plummeting yet further with polite texts and requests from friends and family alike asking for suggestions. At least it means I am not alone, and hopefully if the ship of presents goes down, we'll all go down together. It's not helped by my self-imposed rule of not giving money or vouchers....I got enough of those as a youngster, so I have to just have to find something that is interesting, inspiring and will be appreciated.

It's not that I've not thought about it. I have, good and plenty. Morning noon and night. For months on end. But all to no avail. At this rate it might just be a mangled card which has been sitting in the garage shop for the last ten years, and a can of Castrol GTX.

Oh no, oh no, oh no.

Sunday 26 April 2009

A question of perspective

This was an ad from The Guardian a couple of decades ago...actually more like three decades, probably.

It's remained a favourite, and I'm a daily Guardian reader to this day.

The boy has started his own blog...and if you look closely on my sidebar you'll find it listed. I give him free reign to read my blog (lord help me) and I read his from top to bottom. Usually I'll write my thing and he'll write his. Just occasionally our paths will cross. As it has done on this occasion.

Of course it's all a question of perspective. And if you can see two sides of an argument, you probably get the full picture.