Friday, 18 October 2013

Kato, my little yellow friend, I am home!

Yesterday I bought my first gig tickets for 2014.  Lloyd Cole in Shepherds Bush.  I'd have liked to have seen him this year, but was slow off the mark and anything within reasonable travelling distance is sold out.  He has a new touring band, The Leopards, and judging by this performance on Later with Jools Holland, we're in for a treat

It's slightly bumpy waters at the moment...sometimes from the most unexpected directions.  I'm delighted that the car driver who open their door and knocked me off the bike has admitted liability, so that's moving in the right direction.  But I haven't yet been out on the bike again.  It has been repaired, but there's a big scratch on it...the insurance company's view is that's tough luck, but I think it should be put back into it's pre-accident state.  It'll be a battle.  I had a letter from the police saying they wouldn't prosecute the driver which is disappointing...or is it just me being vindictive? I've not heard from Gay George for a while (the guy from the office who was very badly hurt in an accident), but last time I spoke to him he was well on the mend.

Assuming the weather isn't bad, and that I've found my cycling legs again, I've signed up for another night time cycle.  This time I'll be going round in ever decreasing circles...well actually a figure of eight.  I'm doing it next Friday, and it's in fancy dress for halloween.  I'm looking forward to it sort of.  I start at 11.40.  100km should take me until 5.00 am, and then I might just ride home!

I was amused to get a letter in the post this morning from Inspector Clouseau.  Evidently I'd exceeded the speed limit whilst we were in France earlier this year, and he'd tracked me down.  I'd be tempted to ignore it (that's the general advice from friends and the interweb), but it is just €45, and let's face it in the UK it'd be plus points too.  And President Hollande needs my money I gather from reading the papers.