Saturday 18 August 2012

Rum & Raisin and Champagne seems the latest updates to Disqus mean that if you're viewing this with Internet Explorer of the 9 variety, you can't leave comments.  The lovely Kellogsville has been trying to help me out, but even Bill Gate's advice of turn it off and then turn it on again hasn't sorted it.  Keep watching this space!

You can't help but feel...or rather I can't help but feel that William Hague has made a total arse of himself and in doing so has made a total arse of the UK.

You can't help but feel...or rather I can't help but feel that Julian Assange has a special talent for making Governments of all flavours look like fools.

At a time when Britain is enjoying some new found global popularity and respect following the Olympics (I don't kid myself too much about that, but I have read the papers, and just for a moment I did think we might win next year's Eurovision), and we are trying to rebuild our relationships in South America, Mr Hague's suggestion that we use terrorism legislation to remove the diplomatic status of the Ecuadorian Embassy so our brave boys in blue can march in and escort Mr Assange out is stupidity of the highest degree.

I for one think that Mr Wikileaks should be prepared to stand trial for the (sex) crimes he is accused of so he doesn't elicit much sympathy from me.

I understand that the prospect of being sent onwards to the US is terrifying...especially after what they did to Bradley Manning....the army corporal alleged to have given Wikileaks so much damming material.  But isn't it the case that by walking into that embassy he has, in effect, created his own prison?  Wouldn't it have been better for Mr Hague to have pointed that out and then just waited until either he or the Ecuadorians get bored.  It may have taken weeks.  It may have taken months.  perhaps even a year or two.

But as my Grandmother said, "Patience is a virtue dear boy".

Anyway, there's nothing like an ice cream on the beach is there?

Friday 17 August 2012

Thursday 16 August 2012

Results Day

Around the country 'A' Level and 'AS' level students have gathered to see their destiny.

We are no different.

The one got AAAB and the other AABB.

The one is cock-a-hoop.

The other is sorely disappointed.

But you may not guess which is which.

The truth is both have done incredibly well done.

And we are remarkably proud and delighted parents.

Wednesday 15 August 2012

Tuesday 14 August 2012

Inspire a generation I can't quite let it go...I will I promise.

The theme of the Games was 'Inspire a generation' and so I hope it does...young people inspired to take up a sport, compete and win.  It's a great ideal.  For me though the line should...and does mean more than that...our athletes have shown that they can compete and win through their dedication and commitment.  They have battled fairly and won well.  They played within the rules.  They won without cheating.  Perhaps this is a lesson for the politicians and bankers who have offered nothing to inspire us these many years.  Now they should step up to the mark and earn their bronze, silver and gold by playing fairly, squarely and in good humour.

We managed an evening in the Stadium last week, so got to see Usain Bolt in the semis, and a raft of other excellent races including the women's 200m.  By a remarkable coincidence, we were seated in the area where we used to eat our lunches during rehearsals...and now understand why hot chocolate came off the drinks menu - if you look down, there are stains on the terraces which just will not go away.  I made The Cat's Mother walk from one end of the Park to the other on the promise it was just twenty minutes.  Well it always seemed that way when we moved from our 'holding area' to the Stadium.  Forty minutes later we were approaching the far end of the Park - good job she was in good humour!

On Sunday The Boy and I set off to Hadleigh where the Mountain Biking was taking place.  It was a brilliantly sunny day, and we've come back well tanned.  It was also a real treat to see the course, especially as in the next 18 months it will be opened up to the public and we hope to have a ride around - once, rather than the seven times the athletes is rather a long way with some serious climbs to negotiate.  Unlike the stadium where, to be honest, all the action was a long way away so you spent the time soaking up the atmosphere and watching the screens, you were so close to the course you could touch the cyclists as they screeched past.  So we were right in the was truly exciting and impressive to see the amount of effort these guys put in...they went up the hills at the speed I would go down them.  Impressive and inspiring.

Sunday night I met up with some of my fellow cast at a pub in Soho to watch the closing seemed a bit slow to get going and there were some ropey old performances, and some ropey old performers...but quite fun, especially as the drink began to flow!  And of course it was wonderful to see everyone me everyone had been living in a bit of a dream-like state.  It seemed an eternity since the Opening Ceremony so much had happened, but it felt there was a bond that will last long into the future.

And that should have been the end of our Olympic experience...except that last night we went to the well timed stage performance Chariots of Fire.  A brilliant performance with superb staging.  The acting was great..although there were questions about whether they struggled over their lines sometimes.  And confusingly, the Vangelis soundtrack simply conjured up images of Rowan Atkinson tapping distractedly on the keyboard.

Monday 13 August 2012

Normal service?

I may need to renew my grasp of instead of floating along like a fluffy cloud, I must sit at my desk deal with the pile of work that has sneaked up on me over the last several weeks, and wade through the mountain of bills and official correspondence that I've studiously avoided.  Damn it's been a good summer!

Back at home, we need to return to some sort of regular routine.  The Boy and The Cat have returned triumphant from Edinburgh...they have done themselves and us proud.  They have come back hyped to the hilt, and so they should...but come Thursday there will be an air of seriousness descend.  Thursday is results day...and that is enough to induce a degree of nervousness even amongst the most laid back of folk.  We have fingers and toes seems so unreasonable that after the tensions of waiting for results last year we have to go through it all again this year...and again next year.  I've read that the Government is thinking of not having A2s any more...and I cannot but feel that would be a good thing.

We have some good news.  Away at CCF Camp The Boy achieved his ambition of being promoted to RSM...he will be head of the school CCF contingent for the next year.  He is delighted. We are delighted...but not without misgivings.  This will only encourage him to pursue a path which we know could end in tragedy.