Monday 16 June 2014

Get Over It

One of these Nights (tonight in fact) we’re going to Take It To The Limit, in fact by 6 o'clock we’ll be Already Gone. I’m traveling by boat, so I won’t be living Life In The Fast Lane but the River should give me a Peaceful Easy Feeling. I’ll be there with my Witchy Woman who says she’ll be on time…I suspect her Lying Eyes. There’ll be lots of people there, but I’ll feel like a New Kid In Town, but then I am a bit of a Desperado. Expect it’ll be One of Those Nights and not Wasted Time, as that’ll cause me Heartache Tonight, but I guess in the Long Run I’d Get Over It. Hopefully it won’t be too late when it finishes but if it does we’ll have to check in at the Hotel California, In The City and in the morning see the Tequila Sunrise.