Monday, 28 July 2014

This may prove a challenge (3)

This is like making mortgage payments...once you slip behind, it's hard to catch up....

...anyway, I'm really disappointed with all of one mentioned that in the pictures from Ascot, there were two where the horses were running in opposite directions....

So, before the bicycle ride, what else has been happening?

I'm sharing an office with a bunch of journalists, which is a bit like inviting a fox into your chicken shed, but hey ho.  Now, this is truly and totally exciting for me.  Firstly it's pretty much a garret and very ramshackle, which help creates a terrific atmosphere.  Secondly, there's somewhere for me to put my bike, so I can still cycle.  And thirdly, these are not just any old journalists, but include people who do stuff for the Beeb, The Times, the FT and any number of top line outlets.  Their interests pretty much cover mine, so theres' a danger that I'll spend all day, everyday chattering away. Anyway, it should be good for work, and the day I signed up, it felt like Christmas had come early.

We had the local picnic last weekend, and the guests included Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, Abbing and The Rolling Stones.  Ok, they may not have been the real thing, but they sounded pretty damned good to us as we danced the night away in the pouring rain (well it is England anyway).

Earlier that day, my good friend Graeme (the one who took me bobsleighing earlier this year) and I did the 8km Anniversary run round the Olympic Park.  It would probably have been sensible for me to train, but I didn't.  I still managed it with Graeme's encouragement faster than last year and with no blisters, so very happy about that. Next year, it will finish in the stadium we'll both be running again, if anyone wants to join us.

We slipped out for one night only last week (The Cat's Mother is still suffering badly with her back) to see a very, very fine performance by The Temper Trap.  I'd missed out when the tickets originally  went on sale (the venue - Oslo in Hackney - hold only a couple of hundred people), so finally took the plunge and bought them on the second hand market.  Of course, we paid a premium, but the tickets were cheap to start with so it wasn't too bad.  The gig was truly amazing, helped by me being completely non-critical.  They're a group that I really enjoy, so I am very much looking forward to their next album...

This weekend was spent in sunny Brighton.  For everyone who thinks we never sit still for a moment, let me confound you by saying, yes we do.  We sat on the hot pebbly beach all Saturday evening eating remarkable cheese and charcuterie from cave de Fromage in Hove whilst drinking a lovely chilled bottle of wine.  We loved the people watching, we loved each other's company and we loved seeing the sun slowly set.  It was a close to paradise as you can get.  The sound of the sea is completely relaxing and enchanting.  The Cat's Mother had remarkably never done it before; I had forgotten just what a beautiful experience it is.  We shall do it again.  Soon.

And today, I gave a donation to Medical Aid for Palestinians.  There was no question I was going to do it, but it was difficult to decide how much....I guess that's why charities tell you what different amounts will do for the people/things they support.  In the end I decided on £1/Palestinian who has been killed in the fighting. It's not that I value each life at £1, but I just had to find a way of quantifying what I could give.  There is a link here if you would like to do the same.

And about that bike time