Friday, 17 January 2014

Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

It was an obvious scam.  An email thanking me for participating in a survey, and rewarding me with a $250 Amazon gift card.  But I was home alone so rather than just delete it, I did some Google research and peculiarly it seemed that this might, just might be genuine. The email was genuine.  The person existed on LinkedIn and indeed at the magazine she claimed to work for.  So I took it, expecting really just to get a pile of viruses on my laptop.  No, there were none, and I had indeed won $250 dollars.  That's the most I've ever won in my entire life.  I'm pretty pleased, of course.  But then there is the small print...the gift token was issued in the States and can only be redeemed in the US store.  It cannot be transferred to Now I could get all angsty about this...after all shipping costs would take up a big, big chunk of it if I bought anything real, but these days my entertainment is mostly that's going to be a pretty big library of MP3s isn't it?  Any other suggestions for my treasure trove, let me know.