Saturday, 18 August 2012

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You can't help but feel...or rather I can't help but feel that William Hague has made a total arse of himself and in doing so has made a total arse of the UK.

You can't help but feel...or rather I can't help but feel that Julian Assange has a special talent for making Governments of all flavours look like fools.

At a time when Britain is enjoying some new found global popularity and respect following the Olympics (I don't kid myself too much about that, but I have read the papers, and just for a moment I did think we might win next year's Eurovision), and we are trying to rebuild our relationships in South America, Mr Hague's suggestion that we use terrorism legislation to remove the diplomatic status of the Ecuadorian Embassy so our brave boys in blue can march in and escort Mr Assange out is stupidity of the highest degree.

I for one think that Mr Wikileaks should be prepared to stand trial for the (sex) crimes he is accused of so he doesn't elicit much sympathy from me.

I understand that the prospect of being sent onwards to the US is terrifying...especially after what they did to Bradley Manning....the army corporal alleged to have given Wikileaks so much damming material.  But isn't it the case that by walking into that embassy he has, in effect, created his own prison?  Wouldn't it have been better for Mr Hague to have pointed that out and then just waited until either he or the Ecuadorians get bored.  It may have taken weeks.  It may have taken months.  perhaps even a year or two.

But as my Grandmother said, "Patience is a virtue dear boy".

Anyway, there's nothing like an ice cream on the beach is there?