Thursday, 6 December 2012

Death and the rest

Well yesterday was a busy day for dying.  Rupert Murdoch is in mourning today for his mother...and frankly if you reach his age and your mother is still around, it must be an odd feeling (apart from being sad).  She was quite the philanthropist, and had a good run.

In my world, Oscar Niemeyer, the Brazilian architect died.  He too was an oldie...a real oldie - he was 104 and had designed Brasilia, the modernist capital of Brazil fifty or so years ago.

And then Dave Brubeck, the brilliant jazz pianist best known for performing Take Five.  I used to listen to him when I was much younger.  Anyway, today would have been his 92nd birthday.  That's not too bad an age is it?

Jamie Oliver has come through for me....after the debacle on the boat last week, we got half our money back and a voucher for a meal at one of his restaurants.  It's good they are so responsive - I had a phone call from them within a few hours of sending an e-mail.

We had an interesting bird in the garden this morning...I'd loaded up the bird feeder yesterday after the snow fall, and had managed to get some dried meal worms - the birds love them...the squirrels don't, so it's the best.  This morning there was a real scramble for food, with loads flying in for their share, including one we didn't might have helped if I'd had my glasses on.  Anyway, my research has thrown up two possibilities - I hope it was this one:

Hoopoe (illustration)
The head, body and tail feathers were right, but it was the wrong time of year for a Hoopoe (which I'd never heard of), so perhaps it was 'just' a turtle dove...but I don't think so
Turtle dove (illustration)

Any alternative suggestions would be much appreciated....