Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Poppy time

So America has taken the right decision...or at least not the wrong one.  Now for the more interesting political event - China and the communist congress, which may ultimately play a much more significant part in our lives.

This weekend the second of our family will be performing in front of The Queen this year.  I did it in the summer at a joyous celebration, and on Saturday, The Boy will be doing it in rather more sombre circumstance this weekend.

Saturday is the Royal British Legion's Festival of Remembrance and The Boy will be representing Cadets across the country at the event.  There's more information here.  It is such an honour for him, and his uniform has been tailor-made for the occasion.  The uniform arrived 'naked' and we've had to use various tailors locally to get all the buttons and decorations sown on correctly.  In the meantime, he has spent hours, possibly days polishing his boots.  He looks splendid and we are immensely proud of him.  The event will be broadcast on BBC One at 21.15, details here, so we will be glued to the box...and no doubt will buy the DVD.  Of course it's important to remember why the event is held, so it's a slightly strange mix of entertainment and solemn thought.