Friday, 16 November 2012

It's all about justice

Last night was Secret Cinema night's always a highlight, although it says something that it is always a very stressful experience...from making sure that I'm online at the right moment to get the tickets before they sell out, to the follow-up filling in of forms, finding out what we have to wear and making sure that we know where we've got to be and when.  Obviously I can't tell you what we saw, but this picture of my souvenir of the evening contains a very big clue to the film

Highlights for us were:

1.The Cat's Mother and I being made to stand facing a wall for misbehaving
2.Having to strip down to our underwear amongst a hundred others doing the same
3. Me being told to 'Get down and give me twenty' for being slow.  I've always wanted to have that said to me...just as I want to say...'Follow that taxi'  I succeeded by the way.
4. Being told not to sit with my hands behind my fact the way I was told is just too gross to repeat here.
5. Travelling from the first venue to the second on the very same bus that I used to take to school (Greenline 720) what sort of coincidence is that?

Yes it was a tough night.

Just a word about democracy.  Did you vote yesterday?  No probably not...I certainly didn't.  Who on earth came up with the ridiculous and pathetic idea of elected Police and Crime Commissioners.  This sin't America.  All we want is for PC Plod to do his and her job effectively without outside interference of any sort.  Another layer of control has been imposed...and will it make the slightest bit of difference...I doubt it, but it will add to the tax bill.  If you feel at all passionate about this, you may want to click this link here

And just in case anyone's forgotten, Hamas are the democratically elected government of the Palestinian territories. That doesn't give them the right to be lobbing missiles all over the place (although many would argue that Israel's behaviour gives them more than just cause), but it does mean that the democratic governments of the West should give them the respect that any democratically elected government deserves, instead of refusing to have anything to do with them and doing there damnedest to bring about regime change.