Friday, 30 November 2012


We went see Ben Howard last night at the Brixton Academy.  It's amazing how buildings can be adapted to modern uses, and if you're interested, here's a potted history on Wikipedia.  It would be a good excuse to insert a video of Billy Ocean's Going Gets Tough, except I thought you might enjoy the first video that brought Ben Howard to my attention

Wasn't yesterday a big news day?

Leveson let us all know how the press should be controlled...does that include us bloggers?  Oddly, Cameron stood up and dismissed the recommendations almost before the ink was dry on the paper.  I can't think why you would set up an Inquiry, and then decide not to agree with its findings.  Having once had to go to the Press Complaints folks myself (they did find in my favour), I utterly support the concept of something with a bit more bite than we have now.  Newspapers are there to sell more and make bigger profits for their owners, so the temptation to bend the rules will always be there. Of course freedom of the press is paramount...but with that freedom must come responsibility.

In Egypt, the voting for the new constitution has been rushed through the Assembly.  Egypt has a pivotal role to play in the Middle East, so how it shapes itself for the future is vitally important.  You may be aware that the Islamists are in charge at the moment - not a problem for me, and nor should it be - the question though for the Egyptians themselves is whether they will end up with the political system they want?

And then there is 194.  It's a magical number which has been a long time coming.  It may just make the difference the region needs.  I hope so