Wednesday, 3 October 2012

In the thick of it

Yesterday I had the opportunity of spending the evening at fact I would almost say they were begging me to come along.  I'd had another e-mail from them asking me, and I told them 'Yes' before I'd had the chance to think it through, or discuss it with The Cat's Mother.  By the time I had, I realised I wasn't that much enthused, due to an over full weekend (more of that later) which had left us both realising that neither of us are 18 any more.  We needed a night in.  Rather rudely, I ignored the chasing e-mails and telephone calls...I was tired, overworked and more than a little stressed. I suspected I wouldn't be if you did watch it last night, was there a big empty space in the bar with my name on.  I suspect not.

I hear this morning that one diner was so disappointed with the 'sausages and mash' he was presented with that he went and had words with Mr Ramsey... a little fracas developed, and the police are pressing charges - the diner not Gordon though :-(

At home we settled down to dinner and a farce.

We've managed to miss most of the new series of The Thick Of It, which is a shame because it is side-splittingly funny.  Fortunately, with the wonders of modern technology known as the iPlayer we were able to see three episodes in one go.  It hurt it was so funny.  If you were under illusions about politicians and their civil servants then TTOI strips them away faster than a a shoal of piranhas in an Amazonian river.

As we were half-way through our comedy fest, my phone was the man from the Beeb.

Curious timing.  A ten o'clock call from the BBC is not something that happens often, even though I was due to meet this man later this week with a client.  It's fair to say that modern technology had got the better of us - a meeting arranged, a meeting postponed, another meeting arranged, a text from a mystery person had all got mixed together which meant a frantic series of phone calls to work out what was going on...the off-screen drama was not a lot different to the on-screen variety.  Anyway all resolved just in time for me to return for the last few minutes of Armando Ianucci's gem.