Friday, 14 September 2012

Dream on baby...

Did any one else notice a couple of news paper reports in the last week:

One of the corgis that 'starred' in the James Bond section of the Olympics Opening Ceremony died, just as the Paralympics closed.  I wondered if fame had gone to his head and he had spent the days since he was watched by 4 billion people snorting cocaine and injecting heroin?  It does seem such a coincidence.

Another coincidence was that on the same day, 9th September, Jake Eberts died.  The name may mean nothing to you - but he was the executive producer of Chariots of Fire, the mesmerising film about the 1924 Olympics.  He was 71 and had been suffering from cancer.  Perhaps he had 'hung on' just to see one last Olympics...I would certainly like to think so.

Yesterday I saw a Facebook status from the daughter of one of my friends.  He has just be declared cancer free...I had no idea he had cancer, so am doubly delighted that he has won this battle....and I hope the war too.

Last weekend we were meeting some of my old friends for lunch, and because they're unfamiliar with London and had two kids in tow we booked a Pizza Express.  Simple, easy and nearly cheap.  Afterwards they were catching a train back to home in Devon, so Pizza Express had the added attraction of being quite quick.  The Cat's Mother and I arrived in good time, and ordered a bottle of white wine and got lost in our conversation, so didn't notice that time was ticking by until I received a text.  It was half an hour beyond the rendezvous time.  They too had arrived in good time at Pizza Express and were having a drink, where were we?  I won't say which of us had gone to the wrong one, although it wasn't us!  Fortunately they arrived shortly afterwards, and we had a very relaxing couple of hours catching up on old times - it was me that had played cupid and introduced them many, many years ago.

I've always had vivid dreams...when I was younger nightmares were an almost nightly occurrence...and even now my mind rarely seems to settle through the night.  I have some recurring dreams which would fill a large book.  Last night  I had a couple that were new and a bit of a puzzle to me as they both featured holes.

In the first I was having to put fish (large herring or mackerel or trout I think) down the waste disposal unit, the ones that didn't go down, got caught on the teeth and I had to use a metal rule to free them.  Someone was with me, but I've no idea who, and if you looked down the waste disposal unit, you could see that it simply emptied on to the concrete floor of a basement which had wooden crates or barrels dotted around the edge.  I remember being mildly concerned that the smell would become bad, but knew I had to do this; new fish occasionally appeared for me to feed into the unit.

In the second, I was in a wooden floored room with some undefined school friends.  We had already cut a hole in the floor and were going to  climb down through the hole to the room below on a rope.  We had to re-tie it to make it the right length, and then just to make sure I left the room we were in, went down some stairs to the room below to check it was the right length.  It was short, but for some reason that wasn't a problem.  And just as I realised that, a teacher came in and we were in trouble.  But not serious was a mild and friendly rebuke and everyone was happy.

So in neither case were the dreams stress-related. In fact they were quite happy, quite fun...and rack my brain as I have all this morning I can't think of anything that would have put any of the dream elements in my head.