Thursday, 20 September 2012


The local paper reported on our little volunteers picnic....

Which is nice

I did have to explain to The Cat's Mother that the reason I was standing so close to this woman was that the battery for the light-bulb on her bowler hat was tucked into the small of her back, and as the lead wasn't very long if I wanted to have my photo taken with it on, getting close was the only option.  She believed me.  I think.

Some little while ago, the folks at Warners sent me a copy of a the new Logo Batman X-Box game.  Foolishly I assumed that Muffin Dad had an X-Box and the game could be despatched there for them to play and review.  Well despite him having every gadget under the sun, an X-Box was not one of them.  So it sat gathering dust in the corner - The Boy was too busy with his AS Levels to spare a moment during the summer, although he was eventually persuaded to pick it up just before the start of term.  He did quite enjoy it as a puzzle game...but as he tends to play death and destruction games that involve gallons of blood and loads of gore he wasn't really target market.  I am target market...especially as I had Lego Star Wars on my phone once and thoroughly enjoyed it, but I don't have the co-ordination to play anything on an X-Box.  So we were stuck again until The Muffins came to stay this weekend.  I pretty much hijacked them as they walked through the door, took them up to the games room and let them get on with it.  I lingered in the background with The Cat's Mother, but they seemed to know what to do and only as they progressed did they need help from The Boy.  They loved it...they are great Lego fans, but had never been introduced to Batman before, so we got introduced to some new names for the characters - Cat Lady and Bat Girl were just two.  They were totally absorbed as they went through various levels...and interestingly there was no fighting over the one control, as they helped each other rather than fought for control.  Elder Muffin declared it "Awesome", Younger Muffin simply asked Daddy Muffin to buy a copy the moment she saw him...and I may well be sneaking upstairs to have a go when everyone else's backs are turned.