Wednesday, 22 August 2012

I am a pile of steaming cow dung

That can be the only explanation for why I attract so many flies.

It's strange: I look like a human being.  I smell like a human being (especially after an hour of cycling in the hot sun).  I sound like a human being (especially when I'm shouting at someone).  I probably taste like a human being...although as yet I've not offered my services to a cannibal.  And The Cat's Mother says I feel like a human being.

After yesterday's run in with Islington Council, I had another little challenge last night.  We jumped in a taxi and when we reached the destination the fare was £5.40.  I said "Make it £6" and prof erred a £20 was all I had.  Although it was mid-evening, he had no change and expected me to offer him the exact money.  "You wouldn't go into a shop without the right money would you"  Well, erm yes I would.  I didn't see why I should pay a 10% surcharge for a credit card.  A bit of a stand off developed until eventually he reluctantly went and got some change from a nearby newsagent.  Not surprisingly he didn't get his tip after all.

This morning I opened the office post to find a debt recovery agency chasing me for £43.13.  Attached were two invoices.  One for a ticket for an event (oh the irony of it) with  the author of a 'Free economy' book in 2009, the second, dated March 2012 was for £3 and simply said VAT and had been sent to the office we had moved out from 5 years ago.  I rang them and asked what was going on.  The explanation?  HMRC had been inspecting their books and told them they should have charged VAT.  Hence the £3 invoice.  Because they had sent it to the wrong address and we hadn't paid, they had passed it to their debt collection agency.  She still wanted me to pay the £3 plus the 13 pence interest it had accumulated since 2009.  I said I didn't think so, and that I doubt her boss Michael Heseltine would notice if they simply cancelled the was after all their mistake not mine.  She says she will speak with her boss and call me back.  I doubt she will...I quite fancy taking this one to court......