Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Of course I'm pleased Bob Diamond has gone...one down, several thousand to follow I hope.  But, but, but I have this rather desperate feeling that with his departure the landed aristocracy that's in power now will feel this is sufficient and the wanker bankers will be allowed to keep their ill-gotten gains and prosper into the future.

I'm in a grump...I'm well into one of those battles that characterise my life, and am doubly frustrated because it was supposed to be a major step to making everything easier...and in fact has made things ten time more tricky. Ho hum.

I realise today that exercise of any sort must make you fat.  Obese in fact.  For the second time in the last six months I popped down to the local Decathlon super store...this time to get some kit for The Boy.  He's about to disappear off for three weeks...a week at Army camp, a week training and then a week in Iceland on a geography field trip, so inevitably needed some more kit..the list I compiled consisted of three items, his list thirty items.  Not to worry, nothing that another mortgage won't pay for.  When I started looking round the shelves all I could find were L, XL, XXL, XXXl and XXXXL sizes, the few items that were marked M turned out to be US M size, which is a European L.  As I didn't see a mad rush for the store I assume that means it really does stock only the larger sizes, and assuming they know what they're doing, that can only mean they stock what the customers need.  It may mean an unscheduled stop off at Westfields...which I'm a little too familiar with at the moment.

I've lusted long, and I've lusted hard after a new camera for a little while now...and my prayers were answered on my birthday by The Cat's Mother, so it seems only fitting that I share the first picture with you.  In case you're interested it's got 24.3 megapixels, Full HD AVCHD, 25/50p, OLED Tru-Finder, 10fps, 7.5cm LCD, built-in flash.   In short a behemoth with a 500 page instruction book which should help me take some nice snaps....