Thursday, 14 June 2012


We have been encouraged, cajoled and even lightly threatened not to reveal a thing about the opening ceremony to even our nearest and dearest, so it was somewhat galling to see yesterday on the front pages of everything the staging for it.  So this is indeed it, as described in detail on every news station across the country.  This is not very motivating.

In case you're wondering, I'll be in that field with the cricketers - top right.  No live sheep, cows, pigs or hens for me to worry about.

I mentioned on KellogsVille's blog about the lack of self-control when people comment on the internet, so it was hardly surprising to see the comments on the BBC about the opening ceremony.  Spiteful, hurtful and hateful almost without exception.  Whilst it's water off my duck's back, I'm sure some of the people who are taking part will be hurt by the unnecessary and vicious commentary that people feel free to make on the internet.  When the whole show is revealed I'm sure some of the nay sayers will change their minds, equally I'm sure some will still think it a poor use of taxpayers money.  It won't be Beijing, but then it's not trying to be...and I think most people will enjoy the show.

There have been rumblings in the last couple of weeks, although we are a little way away from outright rebellion or revolution.  It's not the done thing old boy, you know?  We were told to turn up on Jubilee weekend for 'the most important rehearsals' in the schedule of 188 hours.  In fact we all arrived and spent a lot of the time just waiting around, when we could have been celebrating.  This is not very motivating.

Most people have had to miss a rehearsal for various reasons, and I did on Sunday.  I received a stroppy e-mail demanding to know why I wasn't there.  In fact I had told our team leader and when I replied I had, I simply got another.  This is not very motivating.

We also learned that for the final rehearsals, sponsors families and friends will be able to come along to get an advanced preview.  Not one word has been said to the volunteers about their friends and family being allowed to come along and see us in action.  This is not very motivating.

Let's hope this weekend is a bit more positive.