Monday, 21 May 2012


So I leapt in saying I'd post a picture every day, and so I will.  But I didn't really think it through.  Should I do the Daily Picture Posts as separate to the main ones, should I combine them, should I describe the pictures, should I just put them up, should they go up in the morning, or whenever during the day.  I'm at a loss.

So here's another picture, and then a proper post..

This was The Boy, who had just turned nine, in Portsmouth.  That's a pretty happy face eh?

Meanwhile I crashed into bed early last night utterly, utterly exhausted.  It took me a while to realise why

On Monday we'd flown back from Cyprus and travel's always tiring

On Tuesday I was in the office, and then went to an industry 'do' in the evening

On Wednesday I was back in the office having stressed about a potentially tricky meeting with my favourite client, and then in the evening I went to a 'house' meeting at one of the flats which involved some fairly tricky issues to be resolved

On Thursday it was a first meeting with a new client...always a challenge, before (to my joy) I had an early lunch with The Cat's Mother.  After work I rushed off to the House of Commons for a Palestinian Solidarity reception, before rushing off again.  We were then out to dinner with friends in the evening - away away in West London

On Friday a really early start to get to ride on a fast rib on the Thames (that's a speed boat to doubt some of you got the invite too?) - I don't get too many great press junkets as a Blogger, but I fancied this one, early start 'n all.  Then a late client meeting starting at 4.30 before weaving my way home on the scooter trying to avoid being hit by the Friday (grumpy) traffic.

Saturday we were round at a friends for a dinner party.  When I asked for a whisky on arrival, the host simply went to the cupboard got out a glass and presented with a bottle to help myself.  I can resist everything except temptation.  A rich meal and a few glasses of red wine later we gently swayed home at some ungodly hour.

Sunday morning I was up early as I had to be in Dagenham (more on that later) for an all day rehearsal for your pleasure on the 27th July.

In the meantime, at home, the stresses of the exam season were showing.