Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Tutto coso sono won't grind me down Blogger!

I'm so upset.  I'm so angry.  I put up a post earlier today and its gone.  Disappeared into the ether.  Vamoos.  It's kaput.  It was there one minute, gone the next.  it may not have been the greatest post ever but it was mine, and now it's as if it never existed.  is there anywhere to contact Blogger?  No.  Not that I can find.  How is it that a 'social media' organisation can't be contacted.  Surely that's a pretty basic thing.

Anyway, I can't remember what I wrote, other than it was ABOUT LAST night when we abandoned The cat's Mother who was still lying ill in bed.  The Cat, The Boy, me and The Muffins went to see Bugsy Malone as presented by Future Cinema.  A fabulous experience best shown in this You Tube clip:

As I mentioned, no one got to see the end of the film as we all got involved in a cream pie and splurge gun fight.

Just the best...if only The Cat's Mother had been there with us!