Monday, 5 March 2012

It's culture innit?

Well done to Vladimir, who has done himself proud by winning the free and fair elections in Russia this weekend.  It's quite an achievement, and I will henceforth refer to him as the 'Comeback Kid'.  Despite the nay sayers (including the OSCE) claiming that they were biased and corrupt, I will have none of this.  Democracy and Russia are not natural bed-fellows and I have little doubt that the current 'enhanced voting system' is the perfect fit for a country with such a chequered political past.  There may be protests which may well be stamped on ruthlessly, but what do you expect?  When we visited Moscow last year, it was clear that what many Russians craved for was the strong leadership and certainty that Putin brings....reports suggest that many others just want a vote.  Western European democracy works well in Western Europe....around the world it has been adapted to suit the local conditions and tyrants.  And that I think is the way it should be.

We're not having a great cultural experience at the moment.  If I look back over what we've done and seen this year, I have to say it's managing a pretty low average.  There have been a few gems, but mostly it's been pants.  Latest in the line of disappointments was 'Traveling Light' which we went to see at The National on Friday night.  The tickets had been bought by The Cat's Mother's Best Friend For Ever who usually has impeccable taste, except where it suits her not to.  Anyway, the premiss of the play was the origins of Hollywood in the Jewish villages on the Russian steppes...there must be a grain of truth in it somewhere.  Our second look at Russia, having seen Stalin in The Collaborators last month.  On the downside, the auditorium was at least 50% empty.  On the upside, the staging was superb.  On the downside, the first half was so dreary I decided to go to sleep (normally I just drop off).  On the upside, the second half was shorter.  On the downside, the second half was badly written and quite ridiculous.  On the upside it starred Damien Moloney...better known to me as Hal from the latest series of Being Human.  On the downside, he was hopeless.

I may just have had enough of Russia for now.  So instead of going east on Saturday we headed to the Wild West...The Cat's 'house' (ironically East House) was putting on its bi-annual event, and we all headed for a fun evening.  The Cat had written and Directed the main event, so another feather in her cap...and a fine performance was given by everyone who participated...especially as they'd only had two rehearsals.  Elsewhere was a bucking I was cajoled into jumping was The Boy (actually he was with two mates, so there was just bravado in his case).  I did myself (and The Cat's Mother) proud by coming second...and in the spirit of competitive father managed to stay on significantly longer than The Boy.

Sunday was most peculiar...we ended up spending the whole day (without realising it until it was too late) organising ourselves and ordering tickets to keep us amused for the coming months.  Film, theatre and flights were all purchased.  We're hoping that sound planning and wise choices will keep us occupied and in cultural splendor for the rest of the year.

I was contemplating applying for the Chelsea manager job which is available yet again.  I know nothing whatsoever about football, but don't see why that should be a hindrance to my application.   I don't know why anybody with any credibility would apply for this job...after all they will only last a few months anyway.  If anyone ran a proper business like this, the shareholders would be reaching for their lawyers.  I feel I'm eminently qualified, and in any case there can't be many top class managers left who haven't held the role in recent living memory.  There is, of course, the other footballing job up for grabs - the England one, but I'm biding my time there as I see the muppets in charge are going to take their time to choose.  After all why appoint a manger just as the team is about to play in the European Cup...squalid defeat would not be a good start would it?

P.S.  SP - am missing your blog