Thursday, 9 February 2012

Snow? It's certainly freezing

This morning as I came in to work this morning on the tube (brrrrr, it's far too cold to be on motorbike or cycle) I was listening to Kate Bush's most recent release - 50 Words For Snow.  It seemed appropriate.  It's quite a nice album (my way of saying it didn't really register), soft and gentle, and then I thought it was brilliant when I got to a track called Snowed in at Wheeler Street

I've seen two performances this year where the main character appears to have been rehabilitated.  I mentioned The Iron Lady recently...not a film I enjoyed.  And last night we went to see The Collaborators, a new play which in a surreal fashion examines the relationship between Stalin and the playwright Mikhail Bulgakov.  It stars the always delightful Simon Russell-Beale and Alex Jennings (last seen by me this week in Being Human).   Without giving too much away, whilst JS writes a play, Bulgakov makes decisions that lead to The Great Terror.  What I've taken out of the play is that artists are fools and Stalin wasn't such a bad bloke - practical and very wise.  Next thing we'll all be celebrating what a cheerful chap that Adolf Hitler was.  I've come away somewhat bemused.

Talking about Being Human, the fourth series started this week, and if you like humorous stories about a house share involving a ghost a werewolf and a vampire, then this is the programme for you.  Series four is going to be radically different from the previous ones, so I will reserve final opinion until it has developed a lot...but I would certainly recommend the previous outings.

Tomorrow we are off skiing to Zermatt in Switzerland with The Muffins.  There is more snow in Europe than in the entire Antarctic as far as I can tell so we are in for a good week I hope.  The Boy is so hyped, he's been bouncing off the ceiling for weeks.  With his new 'action cam' I fear there will be hours and hours of footage for you to enjoy when we return.  He's also been spending his time trying to decide which songs to use as a changes everyday, so I am hoping that ROL will come to our rescue and will come up with a 'Top  10 ski video songs".  I know he's just itching to do that.

And so to finish in the only way I know how.  Here is the 'bounce' on an e-mail  I sent this week to someone I know at News International, Rupert 'I don't know anything' Murdoch's little play thing:

"I am currently no longer in the office"