Friday 4 March 2011

First Friday Photos

Well, I'm sitting here a bit glum having failed to get The Boy tickets for V Festival...we went camping there three years ago, and it was a ball, even if the state of the toilets remains ingrained in my memory even now. This was going to be just for the Saturday, but it just didn't matter how many times I clicked, I just couldn't get them. Frustratingly, the site told me it had sold out as I was entering my card details. Hummmmmph.

Any way its TGIF, so a few photos from the last month to put up. I'm afraid there's a bit of a snow and mountain theme...

That cloud is coming off the Matterhorn and seems to be holding the sun

Beach huts in Brighton

Southwark Tube station...I waited ages for the couple to come into shot

Streetperformers in the rush hour in Southwark

Just us

Three-quarters of The Muffins

Behind the words...the Matterhorn

Very nearly, almost a real bird in the sky

The Cats Mother collects hares and got very excited to see this cloud

Evening time...the Matterhorn looks magnificent