Monday 13 June 2011

Rainy Sunday

I'm building up to a little rant about things Middle east and things Banker...I wonder if I can keep a lid on it for another few days?

If all else fails, I think I may yet become a computer engineer. My computer has been making some peculiar noises over the past several the extent that one clever computer engineer decided I needed a new hard drive. The noise didn't abate after the change of bits and bytes. Then last week, someone pointed out it might be just the fan. I opened up the casing and it was quite dusty in there, so I whipped out the Dyson and Hoovered it. I can't tell you how much fun it was making the fans spin with the suction action of the vac. And low and behold, as quiet as a quiet thing. I'm dead chuffed.

Yesterday we were going to go out on the River Lee...there's a place near Nazeing where you can hire little motor boats. the added benefit is that it's based at a pub. Unfortunately, instead of us going to the water, the water came to us, trapping us all indoors. All day. There were no black and white Stuart Granger movies to watch, nor cakes to consume around the fire in the hearth, so no wonder we were all a little tetchy by the time we went to bed.