Thursday 16 June 2011

Photo fest

I take a lot of photos....I like to snap away, and just occasionally there's quite a good one amongst them. But like most people with a digital camera, these don't get printed off, and spend their days languishing on a forgotten corner of my hard drive. It's a shame really, but I suspect that if I took 'real' pictures, they too would spend their days gathering dusty in some drawer somewhere. So it was with a little bit of encouragement from the Cat's Mother that I have sorted out the 'best' ones. By best I don't just mean technically the best, but the ones that mean the most even if they're a little crooked or a little blurry. It was no small task...I think I have around 15,000 digital pictures, and over the course of some weeks I got that down to about 1500 or so. We've been lucky over the last couple of years because like toasters for wedding presents we've been given three digital picture frames. So the 1500 pictures have been loaded up and set on random and left to do their thing. the fantastic thing is that when you walk in the room, you just don't know what it is you're going to it's quite exciting to anticipate what might be coming up. Here's the frame in amongst the Cat's Mother's framed group holiday prints. By some chance, the picture showing is Grandma in Cyprus with her father (my Grandfather Harold) on her (first) wedding day....obviously I wasn't there at the time, and this is from a selection of family pics she recently sent us.

I have other photo stuff...but that can wait for tomorrow!