Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Money, money

My photo safari is not going well. Yesterday I missed the opportunity to take a picture of a "fancy dress" shop. Fancy dress in the sense it is ideal if you're going off to a vicars and tarts party. Actually and in truth, if you're going to a tarts and tarts party. The shop has no shame in displaying its wares in its windows. It's certainly got plenty of frontage. And all very peculiar because it's in the middle of a very suburban, middle class, middle-aged area. Obviously those parties where you drop you keys in a pot are in full swing in leafy Epping Forest. I may yet go back just to provide you with the evidence. Obviously not for any other reason. I'm not sure The Cat's Mother would thank me for a lacy, see through black and red negligee in finest nylon, with matching suspender belt and stockings. Not to mention the patent leather high heels. mmm is that too much detail?

I was going to the office next door to the shop to discuss, yet again unreasonable and unjustifiable service charges from one of my flats. I'm not an accountant, so thank heavens The Cat's Mother is and had helped me go through the accounts to highlight some problem areas...gates that require £5000 of maintenance every year, an entryphone that cost £21,000, redecoration work that cost £11,000 with no estimate or any detail...and so on. Now I know why it was so important to get a grade 'A' in 'O' level maths...

And talking of money, here's my photo for the day

This is the sign for one of the most interesting and enjoyable events I've been to...we all went last year, and the show finally closed earlier this. Very hard to describe...the action takes place in a giant machine which the audience enters and then moves around as the play progresses. We all went, with me having booked, and not told the rest what we were going to. I like doing that...I love the idea of surprises...receiving as well as giving, so planning these little ventures can be as much fun as the event itself. The play was (almost incomprehensibly about the danger of letting bankers and financiers run free. Oh that's a theme I buy into. One day some politician will recognise that finance is a part of the the global infrastructure, so too important to be left to a bunch of greedy, self-obsessed egotists, and etc, etc, etc

Money by Shunt Part I from Susanne Dietz on Vimeo.